Multiple Uses Of Candles

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Nowadays, the candles are not used conventionally as they were in past. Centuries back, the candle was the only source of enlightenment but now due to the availability of electricity, we don’t need them more. But wait, why then the candle became extinct. The reason is that it stills counts as the natural source of light because you get light from the fire. The fire was the first source of light that human-invented. The ambience that can be given by candles, can be used for special occasions. This is the prime reason, that even with the availability of electricity, every household still has candles. The candles still have much non-conventional application that helps it to maintain its lifecycle.

  1.  Emergency Use: Yes, it’s the most convenient and easy alternate available of electricity. Even with the abundant availability of electricity, there can be a time when we can face power outage. If you don’t have a generator or any other type of temporary light source. You will be lighting up the candle in that scenario. This is the topmost reason that people still keep candles in their home
  2. Mood Lighting: The candles can create a romantic atmosphere. People still enjoy sitting in candlelight to get their food or have a chit chat with their friends or family. Even restaurants have a special area where the customers can enjoy their meal, just in candlelight. Candles also help to get the thematic effects for special occasions. The scented candles can also be used as a deodoriser.
  3. Celebration/Mourning: in many countries and cultures around the world, the candles are used for celebrations or mourning. For example, in India, the festival of Diwali is celebrated by lighting candles and oil lamps etc. Same can be used if people are mourning any tragic accident or death. The use of the candle has a symbolic presentation for hope in our society.
  4. Decoration: You will see many people have numbers of the candle in different shapes, sizes and colour. But you will notice that those candles were never lit and not for lighting. People use multiple colours and designs of the candle for decoration. If decorated and crafted creatively, the candles can help to create a decorative masterpiece. 

These days, candles are available abundantly. The designs, colours and sizes are limitless. There wholesale suppliers, retail and even online retailers that sell candles and ear candling in Sydney. If you want to celebrate, romance or decorate, you can get candles anytime, anywhere.